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InSoFast insulation panels are easy to install and make for a great choice of insulation when it’s time for a new renovation project. Their company strives to work above and beyond with their products to bring forth energy efficient systems that not only simplify the construction process, but also save you a lot more green in the long run.

INSOFAST Insulation:



  • UX 2.0 Panels

  • EX 2.5 Panels


​Homeowners have found their utility bills significantly lower after installing InSoFast. These panels are made for use of both interior and exterior projects. They’re perfect to have under siding, drywall, and more!

For efficiency and precision, the panels all come with cutting lines, so our contractors are even more equipped to make this installation a breeze!

Choosing InSoFast promises you: Comfort in all the seasons, no moisture build-up in your walls, lower utility bills due to energy-efficient insulation panels and versatile surface to support any finishing touch of your renovation.