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  • #1 Return on investment
  • 126 years in business
  • Durability:

            – Fire protection, where it won’t ignite when subjected to a direct flame nor will it cause the fire to spread and
            – Engineered to your climate - tested to better resist wet, freezing conditions, rot, hail damage and are unsusceptible to pests

  • Design & Style: Create your dream home with ease by using James Hardie Siding & Trim which offers the proper textures, colors and widths that suit your home


Looks and performance go hand-in-hand when it comes to James Hardie siding, so you can enjoy the look of wood without the stress of insect or fire damage. If you’re looking to renovate your historic home, James Hardie comes with high recommendations for your home.

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Maintaining authenticity and durability, James Hardie promises to have your new siding be a great investment in the future for homeowners. James Hardie is fiber-cement product. Created to withstand even the most intense weather conditions, this siding exemplifies stability and durability under stress.